Runaway Train in Kirkus Reviews

"An engaging ’90s pastiche with an earnest heart beating at its center."

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Talking about Orange City and Runaway Train in Hypertext

ANCESTOR is a Finalist

2020 Indie List Finalist in Suspense/thriller


SciFi4Me - "Lee Matthew Goldberg Takes Us To ORANGE CITY"


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Kirkus ORANGE CITY review

"A tart and fluid SF view of a nightmare future dominated by canned beverages."

Book Life ORANGE CITY review

"This hair-rising science fiction novel is perfect for fans of layered conspiracies, altered reality, and eerie dystopias."

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The Ancestor in Best of 2020 Books

Ancestor Review in Union Square Review

"In his fourth novel, Lee Matthew Goldberg capitalizes on his talent for vivid descriptions and interesting dialogue to carefully intertwine the stories of Wyatt and Travis."

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In Conversation with Matt Phillips on Blog Talk Radio

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Key Elements to Writing Thrillers

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Research Notes: The Ancestor

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Interview with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos

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The Ancestor Review in Book Life

"This compulsively readable thriller will disturb and delight anyone who has ever contemplated what it means to be an ancestor or a descendant."


Chapter Excerpt from THE ANCESTOR: The Unknown


Talking about THE ANCESTOR and hustling as a writer with Ben Tanzer

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If THE ANCESTOR was a Snowman...

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"Immersion" from THE ANCESTOR

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Interview with Ben Tanzer

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Talking about The Ancestor with Brad King along with first jobs and Twin Peaks

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Talking about The Ancestor and what type of superhero I'd be

Ancestor Talk with Eric Beetner

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The Ancestor in Kirkus Reviews

"A story that blends the familiar and the supernatural in a manner that call Stephen King’s work to mind. That said, Goldberg’s book possesses a flavor all its own—a distinctive mélange of the sincere and the strange."

The Ancestor in Foreword Reviews

"This thrilling novel is rich in descriptions of the vast, snowy, and deadly wilderness of Alaska; it ably captures the type of person who chases gold."

TNBBC's "The Authors Read, We Listen."

Reading Chapter 1 of THE ANCESTOR

Kirkus Review

Desire Card Reviewed in Kirkus

Desire Card Interview in The American Reporter

"In short, The Desire Card is a riveting thriller that was produced by a master storyteller."

Book Pipeline Interview with Matt Joseph Misetich

"A finalist in both the Book Pipeline and Script Pipeline competitions, Lee Matthew Goldberg has balanced his career as both a novelist and a screenwriter."

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Kunokuniya Books and Q&A with Margot Berwin

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Desire Card Discussion with Pam Stack

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Slow Down Review

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Desire Card Radio Interview

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Desire Card Review - Beardy Book Blogger

"A brilliantly compelling, complex and terrifying book. I devoured it in pretty much a single sitting."

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Short Story in Cagibi Lit about a family of arsonists

Orange Girl (An Alternate Reality)

Sci-fi Short Story in Underwood Press

“A savvy parody in the vein of American Psycho...”

The Mentor Review - KIRKUS REVIEWS -



Q&A with Margot Berwin at Kinokuniya Bookstore

Up on youtube, Margot Berwin and I talk about the publihsing world, influences, and who I'd cast in the Mentor film.

MENTOR reviewed in Booklist

"A compelling read."

THE MENTOR reviewed on Criminal Element

"A rich, rewarding thriller that offers plenty of suspense."

MENTOR Review - "A Flat-out, kick-ass, balls-to-the-wall thriller."

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Interview up on Fiction Writer's Review

Bestselling author Vincent and I talk influences, genres, and THE MENTOR at Fiction Writer's Review

NY Journal of Books Review

“Readers who relish thrillers with brisk pacing and compelling characters will rank this as one of their all-time favorite books.”


Poets of the Tabloid Murder

SLOW DOWN Interview

Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse

SLOW DOWN REVIEW in Foreward Reviews

"Savor this book."

SLOW DOWN Publisher's Weekly Review

"A frenetic tale full of unedifying characters."